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I’ll tell you a little story.

It started with a person in 2014.
Whom goes by the name EnderCo.
He thought of a idea: start a MCPE Server.
And so that’s what he did.
People found the server, loved it, and told others to join.
Eventually, it was one of the top MCPE servers during it’s run.
But things changed.
Older now, in 2015, he created a Survival Games Server.
And, unexpectedly, closed the old server.
Perhaps he was driven by money, or something else.
That old server was known as SuperFlatBuild

I created this website so that way, if old members found their way here, we could share good memories and also interact with each other.
If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then I’d recommend leaving.
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3rd Jan [Hero] superlance123
It’s been a while.
Here’s my discord, it’s easy to make an account, and we got old friends back.